Data Submission Portal

Your team, all in one place

No more keeping track of who at your company submitted what report and when - with CEC Data Submission Portal, each member of your team has their own account and report statuses are calculated team-wide automatically. Set up automatic reminders, get notifications about changes, and review team activity.

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Simple, secure data collection

DataSubmissionPortal can handle any kind of data input - whether you'd like to type in your data by web form or bulk upload it by files from Excel or elsewhere, we'll make sure it's stored safely in the cloud, available only to exactly who needs it, and accessible at any time.

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Help California better serve you!

Your data is reviewed by our analysts to learn more about how you operate and find possible areas for improvement. We get a clearer picture of California's energy needs which enables us to achieve a 100% clean, safe, cost-effective, resilient energy future for all.

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